The NBA will be severely deformed by the tragic injury of the ankle.

On November 13th, the Nets challenged the Timberwolves away. At 3.7 seconds before the end of the second quarter, the Nets guard Leville landed unsteadily when he was flying. The right ankle was severely deformed. Then he was pushed in a wheelchair. Off-site.
Serious injury caused by one cover

The accident happened at the end of the second quarter, when the Timberwolves’ Okoji dribbled into the basket and made a layup. Leville leaped high when he blocked the cap. However, at the moment of landing, his body was out of balance, his ankle was severely distorted, and the scene could not bear to see it.
After falling to the ground, Leville painfully covered  cheap nba jerseys his face. At this time, the staff had already pushed the stretcher and the wheelchair. Leville, sitting on the floor, apparently had not slowed down from the accident. He endured Huge pain, sitting on the floor in frustration, the staff surrounded him, asking about the situation, and comforting Leville.
When the camera gave the basket to the side of the net, each person’s expression was extremely dignified. Several players hoeed their hands and buried their heads in their cheap jerseys palms, while Ding Weidi looked at the stadium with a dull look. I can’t believe this fact.
The scene was given to Rose, and his expression was equally full of sorrow. Throughout his career, Rose suffered a series of serious injuries. At this moment, he obviously understood the feelings of Leville, and the Timberwolves players were also surrounded by Leville. prayer.

Leville, 24, is 2 meters tall and plays a small forward/scoring guard. In the 2016 NBA Draft, he was selected by the Pacers in the 20th overall and then traded to the Nets. After entering the league, Le Weier made a significant step forward with a footstep. In the last season, Lewell averaged 12.1 points, 3.7 rebounds, 4.2 assists and cheap jerseys 1.2 steals per game. All the data have been improved. This season, he has played the All-Star level, averaging 19 points, 4.2 rebounds and 3.7 assists per game. In addition to the excellent data, Leville’s performance at the crucial moment is also very dazzling.
In the defeat of the Knicks on October 20th, Leville scored 28 points, 6 rebounds and 5 assists, and completed the first-half game in the last 1 second before the final game. On November 10th, against the Nuggets, it was Le Weir finished the quasi-final in 0.3 seconds before the final game to help the team take the victory.

With this season’s performance, Leville is fully capable of hitting the fastest-growing player award. However, this injury may have caused his season to come to an abrupt end.

According to Anthony Puccio, an ambulance took Leville to the Minneapolis Hospital, which is only 3 minutes from the hotel, for a comprehensive inspection.

Why is the football match off the jersey celebration a foul?

The undressing celebration was ruled in violation of sportsmanship and delaying the reopening of the game, so FIFA was classified as a foul and must show a yellow card warning. The rule was passed in 2004 and officially implemented on July 1, 2004. The reason for this rule is that the undressing celebration involves a certain degree of gender discrimination. First quote the relevant rules in the latest version of FIFA official website about the goal celebration and the yellow card penalty (the length is too long, incomplete reference, please refer to it yourself): cheap jerseys
Celebration of a goal

A player must be cautioned if:

• he removes his shirt or covers his head with his shirt

Referees are expected to act in a preventative manner and to exercise commonsense in dealing with the celebration of a goal.
The first thing to confirm from this is that in the current rules, undressing is to give a yellow card.
Cautionable offences

A player is cautioned and shown the yellow card if he commits any of the following seven offences:

• unsporting behaviour

• delaying the restart of play

Next, we look at the basis of the seven yellow cards. I have left two things that may be related to the undressing celebration, namely: 1. Violation of sportsmanship; 2. Delaying the time when the game restarts. That is to say, undressing is a foul for these two reasons, that is, “injury” and “delayed the game.” There is one such statement in FIFA’s earliest drafting of this rule (cited in Clarification of Law 12: Yellow Card for removal of jersey):
“A player who removes his jersey after scoring a goal will be cautioned for unsporting behaviour.”
That is to say, FIFA first formulated this rule based on the consideration of “violation of sports ethics”. However, the investigation found that the formulation of this rule may be related to cheap soccer jerseys gender discrimination. Specifically, I personally summarized it as follows: 1. Football, the rules for men and women are common; 2. Social and historical reasons cause men’s football to be more developed than women; 3. Social history causes natural men Undressing reveals that the body is more “easy to accept” than women, and women are “more likely to cause controversy”; 4. In some occasions, women’s players undress and celebrate, causing greater concern and controversy. The more famous case is the 1999 Women’s World Cup finals. Brandi Chastain celebrated the undressing after winning the penalty kick; 5. The man took off and didn’t say anything, the woman’s take off is something to be controversial! You are not sexist! 6. Under the pressure of social history and other reasons, FIFA did not choose to let both men and women take off, and chose to let men and women not take off.